Valdespino Macharnudo Alto Vintage Palo Cortado 2000


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  • Varieties: 100% Palomino Fino.

    Appearance: Clear, Medium-Amber with golden-tones.

    Nose: Clean & Pronounced. A monumental wine, with a fragrant and penetrating nose, with the essence of the corporeal Oloroso.

    Palate: Dry. Hauntingly complex with salinity, shelled toasted pralines, and a razor-like cut. The finish simply goes on for minutes, you can breathe this into your lungs for hours.

    Vinification: A rare and coveted Palo Cortado from a single añada (vintage). Grown in Macharnudo Alto, the Grand Cru of Jerez on pure limestone at 140 mt of altitude. From one single cask, only 500 hand-numbered bottles are produced. Rivals the quality of their other famous wine, Moscatel Toneles.

    Recommended Food Pairing: Sip on its own, perhaps try with a cod & pork consomme and some truffles.