The Terroir Sense Fronteres red wines of are vinified in similar ways, according to the ancient traditions of Burgundy. Following the harvest, the grapes are transferred into our vats in whole clusters, without being destemmed. As the vats fill up, they are cover and wait for fermentation to run its course, with only the autochthonous yeasts found on the fruit. The fermentation process takes place without any mechanical interactions, such as pigeage or remontage. This allows for a slower, gentler fermentation, which takes around 7-8 days.

When fermentation is finished, the wines are aged in cement for a period of 6 months. The use of cement instead of oak in the aging process results in a wine that is powerful in flavor yet light in body, a long and complex expression of Grenache and the heights of the Figuera Mountain where the vines grow.

Terroir Sense Vertebra De La Figuera De Montsant2018