Suertes del Marqués "La Floridita" 2018

  • What to say about our exclusive and special little wine? Suertes del Marqués is located in Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. When we were there tasting the lineup in June with winemaker/owner Jonatan Garcia, this bottle (with the most eye-catching label) was not familiar to us. He explained that this wine wasn’t exported, initially making us more interested. If red wines made from the grape Listan Negro are light, this is taking it to the next level. Grown organically (of course) on broken down volcanic soil with a short maceration and only 3-4 months in neutral French barrels - this wine is akin to nouveau-style syrah or gamay. Fresh, young, the lightest and most transparent fuchsia-hue. Salty, crunchy minerality, tart and not fruity in the least. It can easily be served chilled, and can be a touch reductive at first. Just serve it in a nice wide glass and give it plenty of air. Also, for those not super familiar with volcanic wines - you can almost smell the lava on the nose. Don’t be alarmed! Smell and taste are very different. Its an incredible experience to try something off the beaten path, and one of the most historically significant wine producing regions in Spain. Goes great with seafood, grilled pulpo, very flavorful and spiced rice dishes and cured charcuterie.