Lustau Almacenista Oloroso "Pata de Gallina" (Juan García Jarana 1/38)

  • The name Emilio Lustau has not only become synonymous with highest quality sherry, it has transcended the traditional sherry market to establish a whole new category of sophisticated drinking. The main occupation of Don Juan García Jarana is running a motorcycle shop ‘Dos Ruedas,’ but in his spare time he also manages a 100 years old bodega in the Santiago neighborhood, which holds around 300 butts.

    “Pata de Gallina” translates to “hen’s foot” and when you see this on a bottle of sherry it indicates a wine with a higher glycerol content, thus making it seem rounder and richer than it actually is. The wine is said to be nearly 20 years old and comes from the oldest solera in the bodega, holding 38 butts (hence the 1/38 on the label too). It is supposed to have originated as a Palo Cortado and then evolved to an Oloroso profile, almost unheard of, which could explain its elegance and unique qualities.

    It is a crazy delicious bottle of Oloroso! Some aromas of dried figs and dates, with brighter hints of orange zest. Subtle hints of old oak and sweet coffee as well. Beautifully rounded and oily, with just a hint of sweetness. Not at all tangy or austere, but its quite powerful with a bit of alcohol coming out. Dry and very long finish. A must try!