Cume do Avia "Colleita 5" 2016


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  • Raw and enticingly naked, Colleita 5 is the charming starting block for Cume do Avia’s range of honest and hardly touched wines, made from a blend of indigenous red Galician varietals. Caino Longo (40%) and Brancellao (26%) bring elegance and taut red fruits, and the balance from Sousón (34%), the dark, agile beast with a deep, vigorous acidity. It’s angular but still soft and restrained, and drinks as much like a white as it does red, save its glorious, dainty and fluttery red wine characteristics and the influence of its three-week fermentation with more than a third from whole bunches. Aged in a giant, huge chestnut barrel and clocks in only at 11% alcohol. A true delight from Ribeiro that is perfect as a “vin de soif” or for enjoyment on any occasion we could possibly think of! Only around 3,000 bottles produced.