Cosmic Vinyaters 'Via X Fora' Tinto 2017

  • You wouldn't believe how COLD it is up in Salvador Batlle's vineyards even in the middle of August. We were there, huddled like penguins, as the rolling winds (locally called the "Tramontana") came barrelling over the mountains. We should have brought jackets, but what is momentarily torture for humans does make for very fresh grapes with delightful acidity! This wine can be served with a slight chill, and as it is rather light and not too-fruity (think Jura reds like Poulsard or Trousseau) and enjoyed as an aperitif.

    This is a basically Sumoll (with about 6% Marcelan added in) grown organically from a single-vineyard in the far North of Spain (Empordà) with native yeasts, and no filtration.

    30% of the grapes see carbonic maceration in stainless steel tank.
    20% of the grapes are macerated in its skins for 4 days, pressed and fermented in amphora.
    50% of the grapes, maceration and fermentation on its skins for 14 days in amphora.
    Followed by 3 months in chestnut tree barrels of 500l.
    Very low ABV - only 11.5% and no sulfites added, and a tiny production of around 1,278 bottles.