Bodegas Barbadillo Pastora Manzanilla


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  • Pastora was the first Manzanilla ever to appear on the market in a bottled form, at a time (specifically 1827) when Manzanilla was mostly a local wine that was sold directly to consumers in bars (by the glass or in their own container).

    Pastora is a true Manzanilla Pasada, rooted in the solera system of the already well aged Manzanilla Solear but even older. Pastora spends six years in the Solear solera (bodega El Potro) until a selection of barrels is moved some fifty meters down the road, to the bodega La Pastora, where the wine spends an additional three years. It is around 9 years old at the time of bottling and brings back a style that was in vogue in the 19th century and slowly disappeared in recent times.