Alberto Nanclares Albariño 2017

  • Alberto Nanclares is an unassuming new star in Cambados. After a full career as an economist he and his wife longed for a life more peaceful and closer to the ocean. We wouldn't say 'easier' as a life of a winemaker is filled with challenges, but so far Alberto is doing a phenomenal job creating mineral-driven, pure expressions of exactly the kind of Albariño we've been craving!

    He works completely organically, with some biodynamic techniques, which is difficult in the humid region of Rías Baixas. Where the DO permits yields of up to 12,000 Kg/hectare Alberto keeps his down around 4,000.

    This wine is 30-60 year old vines planted on granitic-sandy soils. Half of the cuvee is fermented and aged in old French tina and the other half is in small stainless steel for around a year. Low SO2, no filtration, and filled with profoundly beautiful acid-driven, freshness. Bring on the gambas or have as an aperitif.