Adega de Vimbio Albariño 2017

  • Varieties: Albariño, with some Caiño Branco and Loureiro.

    Appearance: Clear, light golden hued.

    Nose: So fresh! Clean citrus and minerals, some white flower aromas.

    Palate: Dry, with the most lovely crunchy minerality and tart refreshing acidity. Not like other overly fruity Albariños out there, this one is a must to have on repeat all summer long. Absolutely delicious!

    Vinification: Located in O Rosal, the most southern sub-zone of Rías Baixas in the Minho valley overlooking Portugal, Vimbio is a small winery, with a total of 2.5 hectares, planted in 1985 and owned by young couple Martín Crusat and Patricia Elola. Practicing biodynamic farming. Fermented with native yeast and aged six months with the skins in tank. There are no herbicides or systemic treatments applied (except for minimal application against mildew).

    Recommended Food Pairing: With the beach, the pool, as aperitif, or with any grilled seafood, chicken. Perfect with lunch, or really, at any time of day. It’s just that good!